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PI has built an extensive portfolio filled with the most advanced products in high-precision motion and positioning. We can help you with our broad range of standard actuators, stages or hexapods. However, often applications ask for customized products or tailored motion subsystems. Whether it is about an entire solution or optimizing an existing one: Our range of precision products offers you a world of infinite possibilities. Our team delivers more than just parts. We are dedicated to define the question behind your challenge. We are eager to help you reach your goals.

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Discover our infinite possibilities:


High End Motion Control for Industrial Precision Automation Systems

High performance motion control plays a key part in positioning and handling applications, such as those in semiconductor manufacturing, laser and materials processing, optical inspection systems, additive manufacturing or industrial digital printing.

Advanced Precision Motorized Positioning Stages

Fast and precise motorized positioning stages play a major role in the accuracy and throughput of modern laser micro-machining and processing applications. The performance of the motion control system is crucial for the quality of the machined parts.

6-Axis Nanopositioning System

6-Axis Nanopositioning System for Photonics Alignment and Scanning Applications.

Air Bearing Technology

Air Bearings: How do they work? Air bearings provide very smooth and accurate motion. They can be used in linear and rotary motion systems. XY-Stages with the highest motion fidelity are based on a planar air bearing design driven by linear motors.

White Paper

Controlling Hexapods via EtherCAT®

Easy Integration of Six-Axis Robots into the Process Environment

Version / Date
WP4021E R1 2019-07
pdf - 1 MB
Version / Date
WP4021D 2019-07
pdf - 1 MB

Hexapod Positioning Systems

Parallel Kinematics for Six DoF of Motion, Dedicated Software, Active Alignment Solutions

Version / Date
CAT136 2018-08
pdf - 11 MB

Precision and Dynamics with Piezo Motor Stages

Positioning Systems with PILine® Ultrasonic Motors and Q-Motion® Inertia Drives, Linear, Rotation, Multi-Axis Stages and Hexapods, Microscopy Stages

Version / Date
CAT135E 2018-05
pdf - 12 MB

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