Piezo Actuators Accelerate Electrical Discharge Machining

Microstructured precision components are manufactured using electrical discharge machining, often in large numbers. Vibration spindles which both rotate and vibrate simultaneously help in drastically reducing production times. The particles generated by erosion cannot deposit in the drill hole and need not be eroded again. "Vibrating" piezo actuators make a crucial contribution here.

Piezo Actuator Ensures Vibration

The generation of vibrations is a virtually classic piezo application, because the piezo element starts to oscillate when an AC voltage is applied. In other words, piezo actuators convert voltage directly into mechanical displacement. They achieve typical travel ranges of a few hundred micrometers at high dynamics with frequencies of up to several hundred hertz. The short response times of the piezos also benefit the application as a vibration drive.

Due to their compact dimensions, piezos are easy to integrate into spindles. Electromechanical designs for generating vibrations are usually not recommendable for such cases, as their design and dimensions do not allow integration into practice-relevant units. The piezo drives are also suitable for big loads; the permanent motion of the approx. 250 to 450 g heavy spindles, depending on the electrode, do not represent a problem for the small drives.

No Wear

There are further arguments still that speak in favor of using piezos: Since the motion is based on crystalline solid-state effects, there is no danger of abrasion and there are no cogwheels, bearings, or other mechanical parts subject to wear. This makes the piezo actuator maintenance-free. Efficient pulse width modulators designed specifically for the requirements of low voltage piezo actuators are available for controlling.

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Piezo Actuators Accelerate Microstructuring
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