Variable Focusing and Sharp Focus for Endoscopic Applications

Chip-on-the-Tip Video Endoscopes

The image information of Chip-on-the-Tip endoscopes is transmitted via an image sensor in the tip of the endoscope. Until now, these endoscopes used fixed focus optics, which are able to provide optimum display for only one object distance. If the object is at a different distance, however, the image loses focus.


Miniature Drives

By integrating an actuator between the optics and the image processing chip, it could become possible to achieve variable focusing, and the whole abdomen or objects with variable distances can be displayed in sharp focus. The potential installation space with diameters of no more than 10 mm is very small. Smallest piezomotors and magnetic miniature drives open up new possibilities for the opticalfocus and zoom function in chip-on-the-tip endoscopes.

Mini Piezo Tubes in High-Resolution FSE

Miniaturized piezo tubes are used in Fiber Scanning Endoscopes (FSE) to deliver more image information, enabling minimally invasive medical procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

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