Piezo Elements and Actuators for Dynamic Micropumps and Dosing Technology

Microdiaphragm pumps require compact drives that can provide a continuous flow and variable flow rates. Due to the small volumes per pumping cycle, high cycle rates up to the kHz-range are necessary to achieve high flow rates.

A microdiaphragm pump comprises a valve unit and the pump diaphragm, which in conjunction with the piezoelectric actuator forms the pump drive.

The dispensing quantities range from milliliter, microliter, nanoliter right down to the picoliter range.

The fields of application for piezoelectric micropumps are in laboratory technology, medical technology, biotechnology, chemical analytics, and process technology, which require reliable metering of minute amounts of liquids and gases.

Microdiaphragm Pumps and Micrometering Valves

Disk-shaped piezo actuators can be mounted directly onto the diaphragm to deflect it. Larger strokes or forces can be achieved if a diaphragm or a piston is coupled directly to a piezoelectric actuator. Due to their compact dimensions and the low energy requirements of piezo elements, these metering devices are also suitable for lab-on-a-chip applications.

Piezo drives are also used for opening and closing valves. Here, the piezo product range is from simple piezo elements or bending actuators for diaphragm valves, to preloaded piezo stack actuators for large dynamics and forces, to piezo levers, which carry out very fine metering, even at high backpressure.

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