Configuring Sample Stages

The precise and fast movement of the sample or the objective play a crucial role for achieving good results when working with light microscopes. The demands on stages and scanners are manifold. In addition to the position resolution, which directly correlates with the optical resolution of the microscope, velocity and dynamics are other elemental requirements for the motion system. Furthermore, the availability of holders for inserts such as petri dishes, well plates, and slides is fundamental for sample stages.

PI offers a broad range of manual and motorized sample stages for inverse microscope stands of leading manufacturers. This allows practically all essential applications to be supported. From routine tasks in laboratories through fluorescence microscopy to challenging superresolution technologies. With the help of special inserts, positioning resolutions down to the single digit nanometer range can be achieved; and these make high-resolution motion of the probe in the Z axis possible. A wide range of holders for petri dishes, well plates, and slides is available to match your probe and fine positioning stages.

Our "Microscope Stage Configurator" shows which stages and fine positioners can be combined with which holders. Here, you can also find recommendations for choosing a suitable controller.


You can find a discussion on the selection criteria in our "Moving the Sample Properly" specialist article.


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