Do you get the (bigger) picture?

Our customers regularly contact us with questions about their motion and positioning systems. With the wide variety of components that PI offers, we can easily help them realize their projects. However, in some cases, simply delivering a component may not be the right solution to the problem or challenge a customer is facing. Rather than the question being ‘’how can we realize our idea?’, it might...

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Meet the Expert sessions 2017

What if you can start your day with inspiration and with the opportunity to share technical knowledge and ideas with other users and experts? That was the basic idea behind the three breakfast sessions we organized for our customers in June. During these informative and inspiring mornings, we served a lovely breakfast and created ample time to facilitate interaction between all attendees.

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Ushering in a new age of photonics manufacturing

These are very exciting times: state-of-the-art technological developments are happening faster and faster. We are turning science fiction into reality. Earlier this month I travelled to Brussels to talk about one of the most important technological developments I have seen in my career: parallelism in automated photonic alignment.

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