Meet the Expert sessions 2016

Expertise in motion: the PI Meet the Expert sessions

What if you can start your day with inspiration and with the opportunity to share technical knowledge and ideas with other users and experts? That was the basic idea behind the three breakfast sessions we organized for our customers in June. During these informative and inspiring mornings, we served a lovely breakfast and created ample time to facilitate interaction between all attendees. 

It starts with inspiration

For each session we invited a keynote speaker for a captivating talk about their expertise. In Amsterdam, Olivier Heyning - CEO of Lumicks – shared the story of Lumicks: from an idea to a startup organization. The idea of capturing molecular interactions is truly innovative and the way Olivier and his team made it happen is certainly inspiring!

Equally fascinating was the presentation on how NOVA developed Optical & Infrared Instruments for some of the largest observatories in the world, like the ESO Very Large Telescope. Ramon Navarro talked about his close cooperation with his customers in the design and production phase.

Cooperation is key for innovation

Both stories illustrated that interaction with your customer is key to delivering the best fit to their needs. That is why the best part of these breakfast sessions was reserved for conversations with our PI experts Mark Freyer and Markus Kaiser. We learned a lot about our customers’ use of our products and how we can better understand their needs. And of course, users shared ideas and best practices with each other, like Kris Janssen, who works at the Photochemistry and Spectroscopy lab from Johan Hofkens at the University of Leuven. Kris shared his experience with the PI Q-Motion product line, which bridges the gap between classical piezo- and motorized stages.

The world of precision positioning technology is always in motion. New possibilities and continuous product development are rapidly changing the playing field. We will certainly repeat these Meet the Expert sessions next year and we hope to see you there (again).

Curious to see what Q-motion can do? Check the video.

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