ACS MMI Training

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ACS MMI Training

Insight, oversight and ready-to-use knowledge. Improve your system architecture with SPiiPlus. As a high-tech machine developer, you want to level up your motion control expertise. PI’s SPiiPlus training for ACS’ MMI software will get you up to speed. After two days, you can independently mobilize ACS MMI in the best way possible and make your machines and systems run flawlessly. Time to get going.

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ACS as a starting point. Your systems run smoothly

SPiiPlus MMI functions as the interface between human and machine. And after this training, you’ll know exactly how to work with it. Whether you’re an ACS novice or an advanced user, Ankit Khanore will teach you the ins and outs.


What can you expect of the ACS Basic training?

  • A two-day, all-round ACS training that will get you up to speed. Little to no prior knowledge required.
  • One-on-one training or in a group – it’s up to you.
  • Sessions for entry-level as well as for more advanced participants. A combination of both is also possible.
  • On-site sessions. PI will provide the course material.

Practical information

  • Costs: € 2500,- for a two-day session (excluding travel, lunch and location costs)
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Price for the session includes: Training material (from handbooks to binders, and from pens to USB sticks)

The next steps after the ACS Basic course? Improve your business case and gain complete control

  • You’ll save time and costs, and improve your business case. You don’t have to gather the product-specific knowledge yourself. That time is surely better used for other things!
  • After the training, you know how ACS can function as the base of your whole system. You enable your machines to run entirely on the software. This way you gain end-to-end control.
  • Our MMI training is delivered to you by an engineer with experience in the field. Specialized in dynamics and control, Ankit knows the nuts and bolts of your specific questions and will remain available afterwards to help out.

“Yes, you may already be skilled in using a clever back-office program to make your machines run well. And maybe you even already use ACS as part of your system. But did you know that ACS can also function as the master of your systems? With the basic training, you get a head start!”

– Ankit Khanore, application engineer

Content of ACS basic Training:

  • Introduction to ACS and system architecture
  • Introduction to tools of SPiiPlus ADK Suite (MMI)
  • EtherCAT Introduction and ACS EtherCAT communication setup (System Setup)
  • Basics of Control Loop concepts: Feedback and Feedforward
  • Controller design approaches
  • ACS Control architecture
  • Motor/Stage Parametrization in MMI
  • Controller tuning in Time-domain and Frequency-domain using FRF Analyzer
  • Manual and Auto controller tuning in MMI
  • Introduction to ACSPL+ Programming language
  • Motion-profile generation
  • Using Scope
  • Safety and Fault responses
  • Everything Hands-On and Interactive!

Topics for Advanced ACS Training:

  • • Focus on ACS Control Architecture and Frequency-domain Tuning using FRF Measurements
  • • Specials
    • • SPiiPlus SPC
    • • Open and Closed loop Stepper motors
    • • Gantry control
    • • Input shaping
    • • ServoBoost
    • • Tuning Dual Loop Stage
    • • 3rd Party EtherCAT Integration
  • • Get in touch with us to arrange your Application-Based Training!

Ready to make your systems run smoothly with ACS? Let us know

Can’t wait to get started? We understand! And we’re happy to tell you more about the training and its benefits for your organization. Interested to hear more about the details? Or are you ready to sign up for the session? Let us know via the contact form below. And, of course, feel free to reach out to Ankit or Jeroen directly if you have initial questions.

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