Laser Drilling of High-Density Micro Holes

Highly Controlled Hole Taper

Meeting the demands of numerous industries from medical device to electronics manufacturing it may be necessary to create numerous and dense areas of highly precise and accurately placed micro-holes. Smaller diameters can make the mechanical drilling process much more difficult because of the risk of breakage and drill wander. Laser drilling overcomes these problems due to the fine laser beam focusing, equal to, or less than the hole diameter required. Additionally, it is a contactless process, preventing any breakages.

The challenges in laser drilling are many and include controlling the shape of the taper from entry to exit to achieve high aspects. This depends on controlling the focus as the beam moves through the surface of the material and becomes more difficult as the surface becomes thicker. It may also be necessary to drill thousands of holes with the a demand for smaller diameters, requiring smaller laser spot sizes. Other factors include beam shaping and careful selection of the laser wavelength, as well as ensuring that the motion system can provide precise placement and hole accuracy over a large area.

Key Features of the Motion Solution

High-precision feature shape
Increased hole density
Precise taper control
Consistent, clean and fast drilling process
High throughput
Easy laser integration

Z Axis – Reliable Laser Height Control

  • High-precision ball screw linear stage with servo motor and holding brake for safe and reliable operation under high loads
  • Absolute encoders for avoiding collisions
  • Robust industrial IP65 connectors for flexible cable exit
  • Side seal and hard cover to protect against particles
    >> L-417 High-Load Linear Stage

Z Axis – Laser Focusing for Taper and Cross Section Control

  • Voice coil direct drive motor for friction-free operation and high scan frequencies
  • Fast step-and-settle
  • Integrated linear encoders for accurate position feedback
  • Adjustable weight force compensation for safe operation
  • Easy integration due to flexible mounting options
    >> V-308 Voice Coil PIFOC® Focus Drive

XY Axis – Fine-Positioning of the Workpiece

  • Piezo-based XY scanner for high-dynamic and nanometer-precise positioning
  • Parallel-kinematic design for same dynamics in X- and Y-direction
  • High guiding accuracy due to zero-play flexure guides
  • Subnanometer resolution with long-term stability
  • Fast ms settling times
  • High tracking accuracy in the nanometer range
    >> P-527 Multi-Axis Piezo Scanner

XY Axis – Positioning of the Workpiece over Long Travel Ranges

  • High-dynamic ironless linear motors for fast and precise contouring
  • Reference edge to ease the alignment in the machine
  • Connector for purge air, side seal and hard cover to protect against particles
  • Absolute encoders avoid referencing and ensures safety during operation
    >> V-417 High-Load Linear Stage

Flexible and Easy Automation Control

  • EtherCAT® motion control and drive modules provide open network connectivity
  • Profile generation over EtherCAT® or triggering of predefined drilling profiles
  • Laser pulse control over EtherCAT® or analog power output
    >> Laser Control Interface
  • Servo control for fast step and settle and for disturbance rejection
    >> ServoBoost™
  • Ability to add fast piezo control for improved performance for legacy systems
    >> E-727 Digital Piezo Controller

System in Motion

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