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At PI, we have developed an entirely new technology that enables fast, parallel optimization of device alignments for high-throughput test and packaging. All the multiple inputs and outputs of today’s complex Silicon Photonics devices can now be optimized in all their degrees of freedom – in one quick step. This is truly a revolutionary achievement as it makes the production of tomorrow’s photonic devices affordable, fast, sustainable, scalable, and green.

On September 14 and 15, 2017, you will have the chance to meet our silicon photonics experts at the Student Hotel Eindhoven. Attending this event is free of charge. Next to our expert talks, you get the chance to see the live demo and try the technology yourself. Register now for one of our Silicon Photonics Expert Sessions!

September 14th (Thursday) September 15th (Friday)
11:30 Doors open / welcome 07:30 Doors open / welcome
12:00 Lunch 08:00 Breakfast
13:00 Speaker: Scott Jordan 09:00 Speaker: Scott Jordan
13:30 Live demo 09:30 Live demo
14:30 Speaker: Jose Pozo 10:30 Speaker: Jose Pozo
15:00 Live demo with product of attendee (for those interested) 11:00 Live demo with product of attendee (for those interested)


Silicon Potonics

Silicon Photonics (SiP) is transforming computing. Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics for PI, discusses the manufacturing challenges --and solutions.

Scott Jordan, Segment Marketing Manager of Silicon Photonics

Silicon photonics market is expected to show a remarkable growth in the next 5 years; at a pace of 20%, the global market is forecasted to reach $1.6 billion in 2022. The factors driving the growth include price, capability, and size. These are driven, among others, by novel automated assembly and alignment systems reducing the two limiting factors in the cost of volume production of silicon photonics: assembly and testing.

Director of technology and innovation at EPIC

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Stationsweg 3
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