Engineered Systems

Precision components, stable control and a great deal of experience in engineering are essential for high-precision complex motion and positioning solutions. PI is a supplier of technologically sophisticated drive components and high-precision positioners and also offers all levels of integration up to the turnkey solution.

Engineering services have been a part of PI's core business for many years. Complete solutions, fitting seamlessly into existing processes, advance automation in major research installations as well as manufacturing and inspection processes for chip production or photonics packaging.

Core Competences

Application support and consulting for motion and positioning applications
Reliable and prompt series production even for large quantities
Economic design
Commissioning of turnkey solutions
Complex multi-axis designs and parallel kinematic robotics
Broad spectrum of technologies: Drive, guide, and sensor technologies
In-house motion control electronics and software platform
Customized software integration such as Epics, LabVIEW, Tango, …


Catalog: Engineered Systems

Leading Automation Solutions For Motion & Positioning
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