Remote Support Services

PI’s After-Sales-Support team, will provide remote support and guidance for any customer, for any PI product purchased through an authorised PI dealer.

Every PI product ships as standard with 24 months warranty and support requests for products still under warranty (this includes any warranty extensions) are prioritised ahead of products, where the warranty period has expired. With PI’s extended warranty options, customers can benefit from this priority service for up to 5 years from date of purchase. With warranty extensions, it is possible that a product could still be under warranty but the product line be discontinued from production. Prioritised product support will still apply in these cases.

PI reserve the right to charge for remote support if the time invested exceeds 8 working hours on a single support request for an out of warranty case.

From time to time, product lines are discontinued and superseded by enhanced technologies. PI will continue to support customers for a period of 2 years after product discontinuation. After this point, PI will provide reasonable support for a limited period.

PI will always offer the option of repairing a nonfunctional product for any out-of-warranty repairs up to the date where it becomes officially discontinued. Thereafter, PI will continue to make reasonable efforts to source the necessary materials and components in order to perform the repair.

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Software Download for Remote Services

An online session via web client is often the most convenient way to clear technical issues.

The software is available for download here:

FastClient for Windows

FastClient for Mac

Support Statement

  • PI’s After-Sales-Support team provides customers with remote support and assistance for nonfunctional products, regardless of the product’s age.
  • PI provides this remote support free of charge, as follows:
    • One working hour remote support for obsolete products
    • Four working hours remote support for active products no longer under warranty
    • Six working hours remote support for active products still under an active warranty policy
  • Customers who subscribe to PI’s Express Support service benefit from extended (until all reasonable remote support options have been utilized) remote support on all nonfunctional products.
  • PI reserves the right to charge the customer for remote support if the time invested exceeds the above time limits.
  • Products still under warranty will get remote support as a priority, ahead of products that are no longer under warranty.
  • Products still under warranty but discontinued will be treated as active products until the warranty term expires.
  • For out-of-warranty repairs, PI always offers the option of repairing a nonfunctional product, until it becomes officially discontinued.
  • Repairs on discontinued products depend on whether PI can economically source the necessary materials and components to make the repair.