Technical sales: connecting to sell

We’re excited to meet our new Senior Technical Sales

We would like to invite you for an interview. No, really, we mean it. No need to dust off your resume this time. We want to meet you! We just ask for 10-minutes of your time to learn more about you as a person. Tell us how you plan to connect stakeholders and coworkers, and build relations with new partners. At PI Benelux, we want to see you make it happen!

You know how the technology works. But, more importantly, you know how to sell it.

You have that entrepreneurial mind-set. And we’re sure your current employer was looking for just that when they were hiring for your role. How lucky were they to find you! But how much of the freedom and responsibility you were promised, do you actually find in your day-to-day activities? You’re independent, curious and you want to make things happen. You’re looking to connect. And all that energy has to go somewhere, right?

Plan your 10-minute meeting with Erik via the agenda. He’s cleared his schedules for you

At the cross-section of being well-known as a global leader in the field of precision positioning on a nanometer scale, and the feel of a small, local and approachable team, you find PI Benelux. Genuine connection with your clients and coworkers, and the freedom to liaise and build bridges, beyond the job description? The liberty to take an OEM-product and help clients scale up? At PI, we want to see you grow. Your job becomes your own business. And that’s on personal leadership!

PI has what it takes to create more value for businesses. As the global leader in the field of precision positioning on a nanometer scale, all key technologies are developed, manufactured, and qualified in-house. We don’t only develop state-of-the-art solutions in motion and positioning, we also have the resources and the network to make cross-disciplinary innovation happen. We have a portfolio of infinite possibilities and the ambition to solve the most complex motion puzzles. You are the sales hero we are looking for to complete our team. You connect to sell.


No strings attached, filled with potential

You have nothing to lose, really. Worst case scenario? That’s you gaining an interesting, new and valuable perspective during our 10-minute meeting. Other side of the coin? Your life is changed and you are now our new Senior Tech Sales. Risk-free, yet full of potential. We’re looking forward to meet you!

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Erik Reichardt - Managing Director

As an engineer, technology makes my heart beat faster; as a manager, I get energized by creating partnerships and combining people’s competences. I see interesting challenges in learning with my team, in creating a pleasant work space, and in sitting down with clients to encourage face-to-face dialogues in high-tech working environments. Finding the best possible solutions for any challenge in precision motion and positioning is the starting point. Let’s start a conversation. 

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