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Engineered Systems has a new driving force

Sint-Oedenrode – Driven to seek solutions for Motion Control challenges in conjunction with clients, as well as a deep passion for engineering, we are pleased to announce that Sander Slagter commenced at PI Benelux on 1 January. With his technical background and years of experience in the area of Motion Control, Slagter is the perfect addition to the PI team. He is responsible for Technical Sales, a part of Engineered Systems. 

PI Benelux, which specializes in Motion & Positioning-systems, is delighted with the appointment of Slagter. “Technically, he is extremely qualified. When he meets with clients, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. He truly adds value,” says managing partner Dick Moerman. Slagter is happily taking on the challenge at PI: ”My heart lies in Motion Control. Of course a number of companies have this in their portfolio, but at PI, it’s the core business.” Slagter is replacing Erik Reichardt, who recently decided to pursue other opportunities.

Unique combination

Slagter will be taking care of the Engineered Systems branch. “It is still interesting to revisit which system matches what the client needs. Within Engineered Systems we determine what this is with the client, by way of a project-type approach,” he explains. The technical aspect of his new position also appeals to Slagter. “There are all sorts of innovative developments in the field of sub micron and nanometer positioning. Our Hexapods have up to 6 degrees of ‘give’ in the sub-micron range. Piezos go one step further in terms of precision. The bundling of all this technology into an ‘Engineered System’ is unique in the market.”

Technique as the common thread

Engineering is the common thread in Slagter’s career. He began in the Royal Airforce as mechanical engineer and technical expert for the maintenance of Chinook helicopters. His responsibilities included Sales & Technology at driving unit specialist Rotero Holding. The last nine years he was in charge of Sales and Technical Support at Newport in Lelystad, which is active in Motion Control, Control, High-end Positioning Systems and Photonics. 

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