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Welcome back, Erik Reichardt

Erik Reichardt returns to PI Benelux as Sales Manager. The former Technical Sales, who left the company last year to pursue another career opportunity, will start in this new role on December 3rd. Welcome back!

Erik will be responsible for the continuous and successful development of the business for high-end motion and positioning solutions, as well as ensuring a great work environment for the ambitious Benelux sales team. “I really enjoy working on total, precision-motion solutions that meet all the requirements of our clients,” says Erik. “But now I’ll also be working to help the team perform at their best – both individually and as a group. That is a very exciting challenge and I can’t wait to take it on.”

As a Mechanical Engineer, Erik loves solving complex technical puzzles. In line with PI’s vision, he is eager to bring people and technology together through dialogue. In his new role, Erik will focus on broadening the conception of what PI has to offer. “Of course, people know us for our piezo and hexapod solutions, but we have a much larger product portfolio. I’m excited to show its infinite possibilities.”