Team PI Benelux

Erik Reichardt - Managing Director

As an engineer, technology makes my heart beat faster; as a manager, I get energized by creating partnerships and combining people’s competences. I see interesting challenges in learning with my team, in creating a pleasant work space, and in sitting down with clients to encourage face-to-face dialogues in high-tech working environments. Finding the best possible solutions for any challenge in precision motion and positioning is the starting point. Let’s start a conversation. 

LinkedIn - Erik Reichardt

Jeroen van de Velde - Technical Sales Support

“A great love for technology and a passion for engineering. It’s the cornerstone for any technical sales engineer. I help to translate our customers needs into technical and practical solutions. Together with the team and our customers we utilize all the advantages our portfolio of infinite possibilities brings.”

LinkedIn - Jeroen van de Velde

David Verkooijen - Senior Technical Sales Piezo Products

''In-depth technical procedures, commercial strategies… Sign me up for both! As a Senior Technical Sales for our piezo product range at PI Benelux, I’m always looking for the best way to help our clients meet the demands of their markets. And, on top of that: help them excel in their respective industries. Curiosity, ambition, finding out - and of course solving - the force field within each customer’s challenge. Precisely those divergent aspects of tech and sales are what drive me.''

LinkedIn - David Verkooijen

Dick Moerman - Corporate Development/partner

Focusing on corporate development, I see myself as a valuable partner to the company. I am both an insider and an outsider, enabling me to generate a worthwhile loop of feedback. Always driven by the people that make an organization, I work from the starting point of connection; in my leadership, I have always wanted to relate and collaborate. I believe that the best ideas are fueled by dialogue. So, let’s talk.

LinkedIn - Dick Moerman

Sander Slagter - Senior Technical Sales for Engineered Systems

“Creating bright ideas together with a professional, but personal approach. It’s our way of working. With a range of endless possibilities in motion and positioning up my sleeve, I am committed to deliver the best tailored solution. For and with our customers. My experience in the field of motion control and the know-how of our engineering experts help our customers to solve their challenge.”

LinkedIn - Sander Slagter

Cliff Y.F Huang - Head of Segment Marketing Management – Semiconductor

Cliff Y.F Huang is marketing director for integrated solutions serving in the semiconductor market, responsible for formulating and executing strategically-focused marketing plans.

LinkedIn - Cliff Y.F Huang

Ann Scheper - Controller

“It’s a team effort to make an organization run smooth. But, it’s also the controller's job to make sure our company stays financially healthy. With a watchful eye I supervise everything that is related to accounting.”

LinkedIn - Ann Scheper

Marja van den Bosch - Order fulfillment

“The backbone of any B2B-organization is a great user experience in order fulfillment. From the first inquiry to delivery and facturation: It’s my mission to make our customers journey seamless and effortless.”

LinkedIn - Marja van den Bosch

Ankit Khanore - Application Engineer

“Making machines better and helping customers with their technical problems. That’s what I love to do and I’m very excited to make it my profession here at PI Benelux. Also, it’s very interesting to see how such a big organisation manages so many people and creates innovation out of that as well. I love gaining new perspectives.”

LinkedIn - Ankit Khanore

Roy van Densen - Senior Technical Sales Motorized Positioners

“My goal is to transform sales. To convert it into a relationship where the customer is happy about the choice they made, and the trust they put into your company. As the Senior technical Sales for Motorized Positioners at PI Benelux, I get to combine my interests in technical know-how and people-driven commercial strategy. I know how to manage the process and bring the right people together, to find a solution. That is also what PI does.”

LinkedIn Roy van Densen