WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Our breakthrough in photonics assembly speed

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Webinar recording: Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits, A Modular Concept Towards a Fully Automated Process

We are proud of the outcome of our recent collaboration and are eager to present you the Photonic Packaging Platform. It delivers a breakthrough in photonics assembly speed. And, with the current explosive need of extra bandwidth due to people being cooped up in their homes because of the coronavirus, this machine comes at just the right time. That’s why Tegema and PI gave an introduction to this modular machine platform during a webinar!

Watch the webinar replay



On June 9th  The renowned photonic experts Sander Dorrestein from CITC, Arno Thoer from Tegema, and Scott Jordan from PI had shared the breakthrough in photonics assembly and packaging. If you were unable to attend – or you want to share this knowledge with your colleagues – please find the recording of this session online:


Any questions?

Our experts are at your service to answer any other questions you might have about the Photonic Packing Platform – or try us for our other photonics expertise. You can reach out to Sander Slagter by mail or via Linkedin. He will make sure that the designated expert will contact you. 


About the machine

The Photonic Packaging Platform is the result of a fruitful partnership between PI Benelux and Tegema, where 5 decades of photonics alignment experience and nearly 45 years of high-tech machine building experience came together.

This automatic assembly machine is the solution that solves the missing link in the photonics assembly chain. It enables you to align and bond two optical components with ultra-high precision. It promises a cycle time up to ten times shorter than that of current solutions, and it is modular, which means it can meet requirements of multiple optical applications.


Who where the speakers?

  • Sander Dorrestein is a Senior Manufacturing process engineer at CITC in The Netherlands.

  • Scott Jordan is head of photonics for PI and a PI Fellow who operates from the USA.

  • Arno Thoer is a project solutions director in technology and engineering at Tegema, The Netherlands.


Watch the webinar replay