PI Spares as a Service

Immediate Availability of Spare Products in an Emergency

  • Overnight access to spare products
  • Avoidance of prolonged unplanned downtime
  • Invoice and commencement of warranty period after shipment
PI Spares as a Service
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Spare products as a service

We offer customers, who require an immediate replacement of a PI product, spare products as a service. This can contribute to keeping production downtimes at the customers' to a minimum.

Spare products are manufactured after a purchase order is issued by the customer and are subsequently stored at PI

  • The customer can request shipment at any time within the first *12 months of storage
  • The invoice is issued and the warranty period commences only after shipment to the customer

The spare product is stored at the nearest PI location and has to be requested within 12* months.

* For a few products, the request has to be issued within 6 months since storing them for a longer period of time can lead to an impaired function.




Datasheet R-SPARES

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