Y-MIC-12xx Measurement Logs

Additional Proof for Precision, Dynamics, and Suitability for Vacuum

Y-MIC-12xx Measurement Logs
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  • Measurement of position, pitch, yaw, straightness, and flatness
  • Dynamic measurement of the minimum incremental motion and velocity
  • High and ultrahigh vacuum measurement (HV & UHV), in up to 240 l chambers

Individual and detailed test setup

Upon request, additional measurements can be performed at PI in order to determine in detail the performance values of the products and to verify these individually. This allows the necessary measurement data to be compiled and individually documented for the specific application using different parameters.

Additional measurements for precision, geometry, and dynamics

Interferometers can be used to measure and individually verify product surfaces as well as dynamics and motion profiles of combined products.

Additional measurements in a vacuum environment

For products suitable for vacuum, residual gas analyses (RGA) can be performed in vacuum chambers with a volume of 10 l or 240 l. For this purpose, the pressure in the chamber is recorded during the entire test. The RGA (0 - 200 amu) is performed at the end of the test. The pressure curve of the individual phases (pumping down, bakeout, cooling down) as well as the RGA spectrum are provided as a result. Upon request, additional RGA spectra, e.g. after pumping down or after bakeout, can be recorded.


Measurement logs are only available for specific products. For more information, contact our customer service department.




Datasheet Y-MIC-12xx

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